I watch the sun set in the western sky
The breeze dances against my hair
I can feel autumn segue into winter
The leaves have fallen everywhere

The night slowly encompasses me
And holds me in its tight embrace
I look up at the moon
All I can see is your face

Shining down upon me
Casting your eerie glow
Watching my every move
Not wanting me to let go

I watch the cars drive by
Their headlights bright as can be
And that's when I start to wonder
Do you ever think of me?

The city is buzzing
As the day gives way to night
Everyone is rushing to get home
I laugh at such a sight

What's the hurry to go home?
That's the last place I want to be
It's where I think of you and wonder
Do you ever think of me?

The lights, the people, the noisewell
That is what I need
For when I'm all alone
I can feel my heart bleed

So I stand here gazing at the city
And in my head thoughts of you creep
I manage to smile at everybody
When all I want to do is weep

I try to forget
I try to forgive
I try to accept
That without you I must live

The night is my prison
Its darkness won't set me free
And it's then that I wonder
Do you ever think of me?

Do you miss me like I miss you?
Or have you moved on?
Do you lay awake at night
Counting the seconds till dawn?

Do you think about me
And how we had a love so strong?
Do you ever ask yourself
Where did it all go wrong?

I tell people I'm fine
But deep down it's a lie
I look up at the stars above
And ask myself why

The nights gets colder
And so dark I can't see
And it's this time I wonder
Do you ever think of me?

- Copyright 2018 Chrissy Yacoub-Ybarra, Chrissy Books All Rights Reserved -