1st Books Library Press Release for The Dreamers

Many children are in school today only to fulfill the dreams of domineering parents. The Dreamers revolves around this them-focusing on the lives of two teenagers who become unwitting victims of their father's need for power and control.

Author Chrissy Yacoub had the right background and experience to talk about teen issues. She published her first book, Somewhere Out There, when she was only 19 and since then has inspired many young people to stand up for their beliefs and make their lives extraordinary. In her second book The Dreamers, Yacoub advocates the same message for today's youth. She weaves a fictional narrative that is lavishly layered with stories about a young woman's coming of age and the remarkable bond that ties siblings together.

Yacoub brings to life the character of Dream Warren, who while growing up, walks beside her sister Sara's shadows. She longs for the same affection her father gives to Sara, the beautiful, popular, and talented daughter. Each chapter captures a phase of Dream's metamorphosis from a shy and innocent girl to a feisty and determined individual. Here, Yacoub effectively and eloquently displays a youthful spirit, allowing Dream to express her raw emotions in a well-crafted soliloquy. "This was my chance, My chance to really show somebody that I had some talent. My turn to shine."

The Dreamers is also rich with details about pop culture and music-two important ingredients of modern adolescent life. Sara and Dream share the same passion for music and it is this shared passion for lyrics and tunes that binds them in the end.

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