Music is the universal language; enjoyed by all around the world. Music lyrics offer many interpretations and it is in this regard that lyrics resemble poetry. In fact, that is what music lyrics are: poetry that is sung. Just like poetry is meant to be verbally spoken to obtain its full appreciation, music lyrics need to be sung. It is this reason that I have ventured out into a new territory; song writing. Though admittedly I have no musical talents, I have found wonderful and talented musicians who I’ve collaborated with to form these songs. I have to thank Joshua Thompson for “Too Little, Too Late.” I also need to give a special thanks to a new partner I’ve found who lives all the way in Argentina (who knows? Perhaps some of you reading this do too). I discovered him by chance but our partnership was anything but. It was truly fate and I am so thankful for it. His name is Cristian Busamia; a talented musician and artist who was able to take my lyrics “Do You Think of Me?” and “With You,” and make them come alive with music. This may be the start of something beautiful.

I hope to generate more powerful and touching lyrics that will eventually be heard by many all over the world and sung to by all.

So please take a listen and as always, your feedback is much appreciated. In the meantime, sit back, listen and enjoy the power of music

Too Little

Do you think of me

With You

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