Welcome to my site. Let me tell you a little about myself. I live in beautiful Southern California where I also grew up and spent all my life writing. I first fell in love with the art when I was just a child in grade school. Like many people, I dreamed to be different things when I was young from an actress to a doctor. Then one day, my fourth grade teacher gave us an assignment to write a fictional story and that was when I found my one true love. Writing gave me a sense of self-expression and helped me to escape all the troubles of life. When I write, nothing else exists but my characters and the world I've created for them. I knew I found my niche and I pursued it all through junior high and high school trying to get my foot in the publishing industry but with little success-until I reached college. It was then that I got my first contract with a major publishing house in New York at 19 and I knew that dreams really could come true with some hard work, determination, and belief in yourself.

Primarily I write mainstream fiction geared toward the young adult population, but can be read and enjoyed by older people as well. My main themes are focused on everyday typical life with ordinary characters that go through the things that we all go through. I try to create characters in which people can relate to and understand; characters that make you laugh, cry, and maybe remind you of yourself. I hope you enjoy my site and I encourage emails, comments, and criticisms because that's how we grow as individuals. So please show your support. Enjoy the site, order some books, and welcome to the wonderful world of imagination.


Chrissy Yacoub-Ybarra

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