Music is the universal language; enjoyed by all. Music lyrics offer many interpretations and it is in this regard that lyrics resemble poetry. In fact, that is what music lyrics are: poetry that is sung. Just like poetry is meant to be verbally spoken to obtain its full appreciation, music lyrics need to be sung.

Do you miss me like I miss you?
Or have you moved on?
Do you lay awake at night
Counting the seconds till dawn?

Do you think about me
And how we had a love so strong?
Do you ever ask yourself
Where did it all go wrong?

~ from Thinking of You

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Beacon House Shelter

Terra Sutton is studying to be a psychologist because of her passion for helping others. She works as a receptionist for The Beacon House Shelter, a place that gives the mentally troubled and afflicted individuals hope. She hadn’t anticipated falling in love with Tahj Amir, a father who brings his disturbed son to Beacon House for treatment. But as Terra gets more involved with Tahj and his son, she soon discovers just how troubled his son is and the dark family secrets they’re keeping. She also hadn’t anticipated a jealous coworker whom she’d had a brief fling with to threaten to expose her involvement with Tahj and possibly send her to jail for meddling into his confidential files.

Meanwhile, a serial killer is on the loose, keeping his victim’s hands as souvenirs. As the killings intensify and the body count rises getting closer to Beacon House Shelter, Terra realizes she can’t trust anybody and nobody is safe.

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The Viper

Local advice columnist Kiera Sutton is thrilled for her best friend Adrianna who recently got engaged. The only problem is that Kiera and Adrianna's fiancé began developing feelings toward each other. Determined to find her true love and defuse these feelings, Kiera signs up for an online dating site and meets a man that could be the answer to her prayers—or her worst nightmare. Meanwhile, The Viper, a predator that lurks in Bennington, Vermont is raping and slaying white young women before leaving their flesh for snakes to feast upon. Kiera tries to seek solace but soon realizes she can't trust anybody. A colleague holds a dark obsession toward her, the mystery man she meets online remains an enigma and now a visitor from Adrianna's past slithers into town set on vengeance. It becomes clear The Viper is closer than they realize.

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The Santa Slayer

A killer dubbed as the Santa Slayer returns to terrorize a small town in Oregon after a year of hiatus from his last kill in which Noel Collins’s daughter was the victim. A grieving Noel attempts to reconcile with a daughter who hates her but is unable to escape the ghosts of her past, including a married man she had an affair with who comes back into her life along with his ex wife. While they all try to mend their lives they find themselves running for their lives as the Santa Slayer targets them as his next victims.

Winter's Curse

Turnbull Canyon – the site that has been rumored to host the most demonic rituals and witchcraft– was also the site where Cain Ward’s body was found burnt to a crisp. Now a year later his stepmother Winter Bennett is convinced that a sinister force was behind Cain’s death. Then whenstrange and unexplainable events begin occurring both in and outside Winter’s home she and her friends and a newfound love Corbin Knight start digging deeper into Cain’s death and the circumstances around it only to discover that evil is closer than they realize and ready to claim itsnext victim.

Headless Hunter

It was a betrayal of the worst kind that turned fatal when Elijah McSweeny took a tumble down the stairs "accidentally" after learning about his wife Prudence's indescretion with his brother Augustine, which resulted in her pregnancy. Fearing for her and her baby's life, Prudence flees from Augustine and her home in Sleepy Hollow and gives up her daughter for adoption. Twenty five years later Prudence returns to Sleepy Hollow just as her daughter Ginger discovers the truth her adoptive parents concealed from her all these years. Determined to get answers, Ginger sets out on a quest to confront Prudence. All the while a serial killer, nicknamed The Headless Hunter, torments Sleepy Hollow decaptitating women's heads and leaving them for dead. Prudence learns her daughter is in town and these murders aren't random, but the work of a psychopath on a mission to destroy Prudence making her worst fears come true.

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